Congratulations to the
2015 WGGSL All-Star Teams

8U Maroon 8U Grey 10U Maroon 14U Maroon
Laila Alfadhiel Leyla Ayres Giselle Cobian Sydnee Burns
Kaniya Bragg Taya Castorena Grace Esparza Julia Cabral
Mckayla Cable Priscilla Contreras Kira Hanson Alyssa Canales
Kayli Counts Kendi Diaz Aliyah Hill Alicia D'Ordine
Malia Cuevas Katy Foley Sariah Ibarra Chloe Gilbert
Peyton Grasse Alyssa Holsted Kaylyn Martinez Destiney Hagberg
Auddrey Lira Layni Kimura Emily Moreno Erica Lat
Brynne Nally Michaela Meza Chloe Perreira Valerie Parra
Iris Perez Samantha Milligan Grace Ritchey Kimberly Raggett
Aliyah Sandoval Isabella Rippe Olivia Taylor Ashley Siordia
Gianna Serrano Ariana Salazar Gabriella Terrones Sydney Tengan
Nevaeh Trejo Annika Sogsti Malayna Terrones Alyssa Williams
Mackenzie Ventura
Acknowledgement: Acknowledgement: Acknowledgement:
Natalie Oca Alyson Boren Charlotte Kraushaar
Kendyl Polamalu Breann Dolan Inessa Macias
Abby Rush Belinda Tapia

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My apologies for the original exclusion, but even though I attended the game and saw these girls play some PHENOMENAL softball all day Sunday, I needed to acquire a great picture to capture their moment.

Great job to the West Grove Warriors(8U Maroon) who chanted & chopped their way to second place in the Surf City Classic as their last inning rally fell just short.

HEY HEY HEY, they might be on to something.

For the second week in a row, West Grove Sonic, the 8U silver squad, took second place in the Surf City Classic tourney. They battled in the final for 10 innings before losing. Another great job by a great group of girls!



And not to be outdone, West Grove Legends, the 14U Maroon also took home 2nd place after a weekend of some great softball played.

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